About Us

Scenic Solutins  originally opened it's doors  by Bill Kerr  as Scotia Design Models - the attention to detail and quality speaks for itself ! ! !

With all  items previously only available from Bill under the banner of Scotia Design Models.

Bill created established and expanding range of railway architecture using plaster castings,  all of which are hand manufactured using properly engineered moulds and carefully selected materials.

As the business has grown Bill partnered up with his friends Hugh Gibbs and Billy Craig to create Scenic Solutions.

We are proud of these high quality products which we are confident you will find useful in a whole variety of different modelling situations.

Please have a look through our web pages where you will find colour photographs and full descriptions of all the castings currently available + our current price list

New products are currently under development and will be added to the range when they are ready for commercial release.

We are happy to undertake the development and production of any parts you may wish for your own special project -  just call us to discuss your particular requirements and we will see how we can help.

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